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Sensory Play- Additional ideas

Tuff Spots , also known as builders trays, are a perfect way to provide a range of sensory and exciting play opportunities for young children. Tuff Spot Mirrors are also great for learning and provide a further base for sensory learning. 

Here are some more ways to use a tuff spot (tried and tested!).

Mirror, Mirror- This exciting sensory tray consists of cornflour, water and glitter. Children can create marks and explore the texture of this cornflour gloop! 

Pink n Mix You can change the colour of the cornflour by adding poster paint of your choice and mixing together well.  Gold glitter adds a sparkle. Spatulas and plastic forks supports children with mark making and pattern. Messy but excellent sensory learning!  

Winter Sparkle- This sensory tray consists of a mirrored background with white rice, blue pom poms, silver beads, measuring cups, pine cones and snowflakes. The measuring cups have numbers 1-4 to encourage children to count objects. 

Cloud Dough-  Baby oil mixed with plain flour (one cup of baby oil to eight cups of flour) creates this amazingly soft and mouldable cloud dough. Sparkling coloured stars have been added along with coloured cups to encourage colour matching and counting. 

Frozen- This sensory tray consists of snowflakes, silver glitter (different shades), numbered baubles and paintbrushes. Children can have fun writing numbers and number sentences in a sensory sea of glitter.

Magnets- This sensory tray consists of magnetic rods and baubles with coloured tinsel for a Christmas science theme. Children can start to explore how magnets attract and repel.  

Coloured Rice- This sensory tray consists of dyed rice in various colours. Number cards, different sized spoons and cups encourage children to count and measure quantities. The rice can be dyed with bright poster paints.  

Shipwrecked- This small world scene consists of sand, logs, boats, small world characters and palm trees. This sensory play tray allows for lots of creative stories and children will be able to build their own scenes and scenarios using the materials. 

Seashore- This tuff tray consists of couscous and gold glitter for a new sensory sand experience. A range of shells have been added along with small cardboard pots to resemble buckets. By adding spoons children develop hand eye coordination through spooning 'sand' into the pots.

Autumnal Fairytale- This autumnal themed tray consists of various coloured leaves, sycamore seeds, miniature logs, silver glitter and small world characters. It is ideal for children to recreate their own stories and develop imaginative play.  

Gingerbread Sensory Play- This tuff tray consists of gingerbread playdough, cup cases, gingerbread cookie cutters, rolling pins, fresh root ginger, crystallized ginger and powdered ginger. Children can create their own gingerbread character as they recall the story. 

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